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The manual is a comprehensive and easy to use structured resource on best management practices, design and specifications standards for controlling stormwater construction runoff (mainly erosion and sediment control) and post-construction runoff (mainly water quality control). This interactive manual is aimed at supporting Iowa’s engineers, technicians and contractors for selecting, designing, and implementing stormwater runoff controls that accomplish the pollution control goals and take into account the special conditions at the site under consideration. The project, funded by IDNR and IHRB, was carried out by the Iowa Stormwater Runoff Control Partnership.

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The interactive manual is intended to provide a consistent and well-documented set of guidelines for selecting Best Management Practice and designs for stormwater runoff control measures customized for Iowa conditions. Although the Project Team has made an extensive effort to assess and compile the best available information on erosion and sediment control and runoff quality management, the use of these guidelines is solely at the risk and option of the user. The Project Team does not endorse any BMP over another and any assessments of performance by others should not be interpreted or reported as the recommendations of the Project Team.

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