Watershed-related research conducted by The University of Iowa's IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering (IIHR) and the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research (CGRER) with support provided by the National Science Foundation. The research outcomes are translated into Iowa-Cedar Watershed Interagency Coordination Team activities through collaborative efforts bringing together academia, practice and communities.


People, Water, and Climate: Adaptation and Resilience in Agricultural Watersheds (

This study aims at better understanding the processes that link global-scale climate and socioeconomic drivers with regional-scale responses in land use, decision-making, water quality, and water quantity. We test the hypothesis (among others) that a limitation in any one of the three system-level characteristics (adaptability-sustainability-resilience) will increase system fragility, uncertainty, and risk. The overarching question of interest concerns the tradeoffs and relations that exist among traditional measures of optimality (e.g., maximizing environmental quality and economic returns) and measures of resilience, adaptability, and sustainability.

IowaDIS Platform Graphic

Iowa Watershed Data and Information System (

Interactive tools and software allow for the management, manipulation, visualization, and exportation of the data irrespective of their provenance. The geo-portal enables real-time access to water-related data (e.g., USGS streamflow, EPA Storet, NWS weather stations, and Iowa Flood Center bridge station sensors) within Iowa watersheds. More details about the platform is available in Muste et al. (2010).

IowaDIS Platform Graphic

Intelligent Digital Watershed (

The end-to-end cyber-infrastructure based platform connects watershed static (soil, land use, ect.) and dynamic (precipitation and temperature) data with simulation models (Soil and Water Assessment Tool and an Agent-based Model) to understand the links between shifts in soil conservation practices (due to market forces, farmers characteristics) and the water quantity and quality in watershed streams. More details about the platform is available in Muste et al. (2012).

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