From the Iowa Flood Center:

The Iowa Flood Center and IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering (IIHR) at the University of Iowa have announced the selection of four watersheds for the initial phase of the Iowa Watershed Projects.

The selected entities and respective watersheds include:

  • Clayton County for the Turkey River.
  • Dallas County for the Middle/South Raccoon River.
  • Davis County for Soap Creek and Chequest Creek.
  • Floyd County for the Upper Cedar River.

The selected watersheds will partner with the Iowa Flood Center and IIHR on a multi-year project to monitor, plan, and implement watershed projects aimed at reducing the adverse impacts of flooding in Iowa. Specific goals of the watershed projects include:

  • Maximizing soil water holding capacity from precipitation.
  • Minimizing severe soil erosion and sand deposition during floods.
  • Managing water runoff in uplands under saturated soil moisture conditions.
  • Reducing and mitigating structural and nonstructural flood damage.

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